We make sculptural space. 
We believe this can be an ecological experience.

When we say sculpture we don’t only mean objects in space. Nor do we think of sculpture as only the creation of objects of art. Rather we believe in sculpture as an experience that is wide, and that creates space that is sculptural.

It connects us in a non-violent way to the more than human. It reveals our symbiotic role within the entanglement of the world.
When we say sculptural space we may mean physical encompassing spatial forms. We may mean specific objects that generate sculptural space through their field of action. We sometimes mean intangible sculptural space generated from the active moments of social sculpture. We may also be thinking of digital sculptural space and its relation to the beauty experience.

Sometimes we use the term literally, sometimes metaphorically, sometimes conceptually.
We used to refer to our sculptural spaces as ‘escape vehicles’ concerned with the notion of flight towards a future future. Our research is now concerned with sculptural space that we categorise as ‘temples’, portals not to an imagined future, but to the irreducible extended reality of the unpredictable present.

Spiritual spaces, but not spaces of transcendence, rather spaces of subsendence – towards the shimmering uncomfortable weird heart of things.

Spaces of subtle connection.

Ivan Morison
 _The text that accompanies the images on this page is by Gavin Wade, taken from his essay ‘Living With the Morisons’.
_We owe a debt of gratitude to the writings of Timothy Morton, who’s thinking has helped shape how we see our work.

This is the way.

This is the tree.
This is the saw.
To make a cut.
To invent a joint.

To remember a shape.

Ivan invites me out to the woods.

In Wales.
Far West of Birmingham.
The opposite way.
To the way the water flows.
The wind blows.
The rain falls.

Here in the woods.

Surveying the shapes.
Asking questions.
About form and structure.
About meaning.
About life.
Just chatting.

So many things are possible.
Here in these woods.

I see order
Ivan sees disorder.

I project symmetry.
Ivan draws irregularity.

Convert what I’m talking about.
Into physical form.

Listen and make.
Shared writing.
Sharing thinking.
Making families.
Taking chances.