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Whilst this website sets the mood music to the work of Heather and Ivan some people may require a little more tangible detail. The archive provides a chronological catalogue of selected works, exhibitions, texts and images – HERE
Love Me or Leave Me Alone        



Love Me or Leave Me Alone, The Very Public Art of Heather Peak and Ivan Morison presents a journey through the past decade and a half of the artists’ practice, with an emphasis on their pavilions, escape vehicles, and public artworks. It shows how the artists engage with materials, histories, sites, and processes, as well as other areas of creativity, thought, and commerce, to directly address the major societal questions of our time. Texts by curators Claire Doherty and Gavin Wade, contributions by some of the commissioners, architects, writers, and others with whom Peak and Morison have collaborated. The book can be ordered from the publishers Art/Books

Photographers’ credits        

I Will Be With You, Whatever_ Rainer Viertlböck / Journee des Barricades_Stephen Rowe / Black Pleasure_Ashley Carr / Plaza, The Moment_Rachel Topham / Shadow Curriculum, Tales of Space and Time, Land of Cockaigne_Wig Worland / Mother-ship_Stephen King / Mother, Silence_Charles Emerson / The Cleaving_ Yannick Anton / all other images_Ivan Morison.
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